Off Skate Volunteers

So maybe skating isn't your thing but you love roller derby and you want to be part of the league or simply just help us out sometimes. Well good news you can do both. We appreciate our volunteers so much and we couldn't run the league without them.

If you want to get involved in the league we have a non-skating officials membership where you can become part of the club. NSO's are required every time the league scrimmages which is currently Wednesday, Sunday and every other Thursday. They also are vital at every bout we host and we are always looking for NSO's for our away games to travel with us. There are many positions to master and who knows you could work your way to becoming our next leader of team pink.

If that's a bit much commitment for you then there are loads of other ways to help, we always need NSO's and game staff for all our home games, a track team, set up and clean down teams for the hall, merchandise sellers, someone to person the cake stall, people to bake goodies for the cake stall, raffle donations, you name it.
If you would like to help out on a one off or regular basis the why not use the contact us form and let us know when you can help and what you'd like to do!

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