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Roller Derby is an all female full contact sport that relies upon teamwork and athletic ability. It is currently one of The UK's fastest growing grassroots sports and is gaining media attention thanks to films such as 'Whip It', 'Hell on Wheels' and 'Derby Baby'. Because we realise that not all of us can have an Ellen Page 'Whip It' style montage, Glasgow Roller Derby (GRD) offers an Introduction to Roller Derby Skating programme.


Glasgow Roller Recruits

GRD is a self-governed, non-profit, amateur sportsorganisation, founded in 2007, dedicated to playing and promoting women’s flat track roller derby. GRD offers a learn to skate programme for those who are 18 years and over and are interested in joining the league as a player or as an official.

The aim of the course is to teach roller derby basic skating skills to a safe enough standard to enable the skater to join the club's advanced roller derby training sessions or to join as a skating official.

Skaters passing through the course are known as the Glasgow Roller Recruits (GRR).

The course consists of 2 sessions every week, teaching skills such as stance, stride, falls and technique. The course is also designed to build fitness and endurance. Once a skater proves competent with the basic skating skills they will then be taught contact skills such as hits, whips and working in close proximity on track.

GRR skaters attend two training sessions per week:

Sundays 1-3pm at the ARC Sportscentre, Glasgow Caledonian University G4 0BA.

Tuesdays 7-9/10pm at the Firhill Complex, Maryhill G20 7HH.

*GRR skaters are also welcome to attend league training sessions and help out by NSOing scrimmages (off skates!) – for more information, speak to your GRR coach!


You will need quad skates, a mouth guard, a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.

Please note: You must have all of your own equipment in order to start the course!

Our friendly local roller derby skate shop, 5th Blocker Skates has everything you need and lots of expert advice on hand!

Every three months skaters attending the Tuesday sessions will be assessed both on skating and a roller derby rules test. A pass will allow the skater to move up to the main league roller derby training sessions. Those that do not pass the test might just need a little more practice at certain skills and will remain on the Tuesday night session and retake the skating and/or rules test at the next 3 month interval.

Send us a message below if you'd like us to let you know about the next GRR intake! We hope to see you on track soon!

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